We at the ACARC club are happy to test you and help you further your Amateur Radio experience.

License Examinations

The FCC examinations will be held after the meeting in Leming Schoolhouse Bldg. A. Please bring a photo copy of existing license, photo ID,  and $14.00 for the FCC examinations.  For further information please contact vetesting@wa5ar.org

The test sessions are at the

Leming Schoolhouse Bldg. A

Contact the VE Test Coordinator


What to Bring:

All necessary forms will be furnished to you. Please bring
- Social security number (or FRN)
- Photo ID (preferably drivers license)
- Original and photocopy of your current license (if you are  Ham)
- Original and photocopy of any CSCEs
- A simple calculator may be helpful. It should have nothing more
sophisticated than trig functions -- no PDAs, no phones.
- $14 test fee -- exact change preferred

Youngsters without a photo ID need two documents for
identification. Suitable documents include a school report card,
birth certificate, and a Social Security card.

Please pre-register and/or direct questions to:

Contact VE test coordinator

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